Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wriggly green things!

As some of you will be aware from my tweets, I had a close brush with some garden wildlife last week. I was just commenting on how healthy the gooseberry bushes looked to Ciaran when a closer inspection revealed my worst gardening nightmare - Sawfly larvae! These little blighters can strip a whole gooseberry or currant bush of leaves in a couple of days if you don't spot them quickly enough. For those who have never seen them here is a picture of one, taken in my garden yesterday....

I have spent the last few days picking them off by hand and hosing the bushes down with a high pressure jet of water. This has got rid of most of them - I won't use a pesticide spray unless I absolutely have to.

Elsewhere in the garden things are looking better - here is my standard fig bush :)

And the beautiful white iris in the pond...

No wriggly green things on those!

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