Friday, 10 July 2009

Lovely wooden buttons...

Received these lovely wooden buttons in the post yesterday. They were my prize for winning a competition on Neil Graham's (Wood Jewellery) blog. Unfortunately my camera is not brilliant so the photo doesn't do them justice - will take some more when I get my new camera.
He also sent me a key ring!
Can't wait until he has some more buttons in his Folksy shop.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Problems partly fixed.....

I can now upload photos using the kids' PC! So here is a photo of my daughter and I at the craft fair the other week, taken by my 11 year old son. My OH didn't hang around, he had far more important things to do - like wash his motorcycle.

At the moment things are a bit hectic - kids fly out to Australia to visit OH's parents on Saturday so I've loads of packing to do and I'm also in the middle of dyeing silk for baa ram ewe (uber cool new wool shop) in Headingley. I'm also in the middle of writing two essays for my Masters, though progress on them is painfully slow, especially now that my laptop is refusing to boot.

Somehow I've found time to do some knitting over the weekend - with banana fibre yarn. It's amazing stuff, soft and shiny like silk but strong and heavy at the same time. It's handspun with an uneven twist and thickness. Below are pics of my new phone case and purse, which I really enjoyed making.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Disaster strikes!!!


My Laptop has ceased to be - well, at least till my other half returns from his business trip and has a look at it for me :(

Until then I'm struggling with the kids' PC, which won't work with my printer etc. Having problems uploading photos too :(

For the above reason I will be unable to post the lovely pictures of my new banana yarn that I have just taken :(

:( indeed!