Friday, 28 May 2010

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

Very late today, but then I have had a stressful week and didn't get back from work till after 6pm. Thankfully Mr. Woolworks very kindly treated us to a curry so I didn't have to cook :)

My theme for this week is Roses, for no other reason than I've been dyeing rosy colours a lot recently.

shieladixon Saffronbarr
Emily Mah Jewelry DesignsQuite Contrary Crafts
Diomo Glass Lost at Sea

Monday, 24 May 2010

Otley Show part 2...

So, as I said yesterday, we then moved on to the poultry and pigeon judging tent. Ciaran and I desperately want some bantams, but Mr. Woolworks has said no and will not budge on the idea. Might be because he's allergic to eggs and therefore can't see any benefit to keeping them!

We took lots of photos in the tent, but this is my favourite as the hen has laid a tiny egg...

I fell in love with this pigeon...

But I'm not allowed pigeons either :(

We then moved on to the handicrafts and produce tent. I aim to enter several classes next year so wanted to assess the competition ;) While in there we saw this dramatic floral arragement - theme 'Casino Royale'...

Think I'll leave the flower arranging to the experts!

We than went to watch some ferret racing, Ciaran's highlight of the day. He really wanted to take this one home with us...

But Mr. Woolworks wouldn't like that :(

We then went on to my favourite event - Richard Savory's sheep show. And I'll tell you about that tomorrow....

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Otley Show 2010

Yesterday was the 201st Otley Agricultural Show. It is the oldest one day annual show of it's kind in the country, and an important part of Wharfedale's heritage. I have been going to the show since I was a small child. Usually it rains, often heavily, but yesterday the weather was fantastic, making it a fantastic day out.

I went with my son Ciaran, as Mr. Woolworks was at the British Superbikes qualifying at Cadwell park. On entering the show the first thing we came across was the cattle judging.

Naturally I made a bee-line for the sheep, after all where would I be without beautiful fleeces? I think the lovely black sheep with the white face in this pic is a Zwartbles...

And these are Mashams...

But of course what I really wanted was to see the Bluefaced Leicesters. Here is a prize winning example...

Just look at this lovely fleece!

We then moved on to the poultry, but I'll save that for tomorrow...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

To help with the stress over my work situation I have been doing quite a lot of gardening and as a result I have found the perfect use for all the scraps of yarn used for tyeing skeins of yarn whilst dyeing. They are being knotted together and used as very colourful garden string!

As a result of this I have chosen recycling/upcycling as my theme for this week's Folksy Friday picks....

Swirlyarts toggle
Tusen Takk Bits n Bob's
Art by Adora Fflwcs & Williams

Friday, 14 May 2010

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

Very last minute choice of theme this week - I've had a tiring week and flitted from one idea to another. I was tidying a bookshelf today and I came across some lovely post cards I brought back from Prague as a souvenir. They feature the beautiful Art Nouveau works of Alphonse Mucha. Here are my Art Nouveau style Folksy picks...

CocoAngelRose Sweetest Things by Miss Jodie Ann
Aldridge Glass Chameleonite
Piranha Glass Josephines

Friday, 7 May 2010

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

So, a little late (I was distracted by the election coverage) here is the second part of my self-indulgent first wage wishlist picks. There is now a chance I won't be returning afterall, but I can't discuss that until next week at earliest. Sorry to be so secretive but it's in my best interests not to say anything more yet!

Here are some more faves...

Lynwoodcrafts Edenwood
Spun Wood Leigh Shepherd Designs

And another four....

Chocolatefrog Glassprimitif
treecycle quernus crafts

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spring Flowers...

Couldn't resist popping out into the garden and taking some photos over the last few days. Everything in the garden is springing (no pun intended) back into life at last. My violets and primroses are flowering, the fruit trees have blossom and the herbaceous plants have started to send up shoots.

Here are a selection of my favourites: