Friday, 13 August 2010


I have decided to make some changes to my shops, so my Coriandr and Misi shops are closed until further notice. My Folksy shop is temporarily closed until I return from my holidays, at which point I will be adding some new yarns, including this lovely Superwash Merino Laceweight :)

That is, if the housesitter doesn't snaffle it all first ;)

At the moment I am considering putting all my knitted items and custom knit slots in my Coriandr shop, as I cannot separate everything effectively on Folksy until their long awaited shop sections are available. Knitted items will include longies and soakers as before (I am a Sheepy Time cottage licence holder), plus hats for adults and children knitted from patterns by the hugely talented Woolly Wormhead
(I have her permission to do this) as well as some scarves, mittens and bootees of my own design.

Here is a recently completed set - Tubey hat by Woolly Wormhead and mittens and bootees which reflect the hat design :)

My Misi shop may well end up stocking stitch markers and earrings, like these I made recently...

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

For once I'm not stuck in the office on a Friday and boy does it feel good!!!

This means I get the chance to do my Folksy Friday during the day at my leisure rather than squeezing it into the evening. My theme for this week is Beach Huts, due to the fact that I set off on my hols at midnight for a much needed break in Cornwall :)

As usual, if you click on the piccies you should be magically transported to the shop in question.....

Buttercup Boutique The Mosaic Garden
Charlotte Macey Textiles Kirsty Elson Designs
AmyOrangeJuice Zoe Sadler

Friday, 6 August 2010

Thank Folksy it's Friday!

Here at last is the fourth of my elements themed Folksy Fridays - air. All of these lovely items from talented Folksy sellers have a link to the air or it's movement....

Harvey Crafty Cards Hollie Lollie
Niche Handmade Emma In Wonderland Photography
Blackoutwell Mollimoo