Saturday, 20 June 2009

Don't know where all my time has gone today! Mainly spent on tidying up I think. My dearest darling daughter (sixteen and full of attitude) is having a BBQ for some of her friends tonight and its chaos here.

Managed to grab five minutes to put some pictures of my yarns on here and a couple of the things I've knitted using them. Unforunately my current camera is not very good so I'm saving up for a new one!

First up is my lovely 2ply pure silk yarn. This is a picture of it in a colourway called Clematis.

Next is my banana yarn, made from pulped banana fibre and a wonderful vegan alternative to silk. It is handspun and has a varying thickness and twist. This one is called Denim.

My favourite yarn is probably Alpaca as it is so soft. This is a 4ply called Aqua which I am currently knitting into a jacket for my friend's baby which is due in August. (Pics to follow in a week or so)

Now for the knitting. I love knitting socks! This is a pair (my own pattern) in 2ply Bluefaced Leicester -Raspberry Crush.

Finally for tonight I have to put on a picture of my Official Wharfedale Woolworks Hat -Lambswool Aran in a colourway called Merlin. It would fit a baby around one year old and I intend to knit a pair of curled point slippers to match.

In future I hope to have pics of knitting works in progress on a regular basis.

Better get off now before daughter and friends get too silly!

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