Friday, 1 October 2010

Thank Folksy It's Friday!

Having missed doing a Folksy Friday for the last couple of weeks I was determined to get one done today. I actually prepared most of this on Wednesday so I wouldn't have a mad rush on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Then I ended up being off work ill today anyway - I had a heavy cold last weekend and couldn't go to Silverstone for my birthday and yesterday I left work early as I couldn't stay warm even wrapped up in a heavy duty fleece jacket in an office which has an average temperature of 78 degrees! Thought it was just a Fibromyalgia flare up at first as I was achy all over but now I suspect it's a mild flu I'm fighting off. Going to miss out on going to the Alpaca Farm tomorrow now too :(

My Folksy Friday for this week is a celebration of the lovely bath goodies available on Folksy. For some reason I didn't get any smellies for my birthday this year - that must be a first! Hopefully some of my family will see this and be inspired to treat me at Christmas ;)

Hearts and Homespun Saffron Barr
Handmade Soap by Caroline Hea'ram-Skearam Soap Company
Briallen Lomond Soap

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